Feel like a superhero!


Soar up to 30′ in the air. Walk on water. Go for speed runs

One of the most exciting

activities to do in Ibiza!

The Jet Pack, flyboard and hoverboard are devices that help drive both air and water. After a few minutes you can already move in the water like a dolphin and defy gravity as a superhero.

The nozzles give the push and tilt can be moved in different directions.
Therefore, it is a mixture of passions, jet ski, snowboard, and acrobatic diving.
Boat and instructor included

Available options

All the options are designed so that our customers enjoy a unique experience.

FlyBoard 20'
FlyBoard 30'
Jetpack 1h

What They’re Saying About Us

“The closest thing to flying over water!!!!! Amazing!! ”

Billy, EUA

“At first I had a hard time balancing myself, but when I did; I enjoyed it very much!! ”

Chloe, Germany

“The discharge of adrenaline is the maximum, plus the treatment is unique! ”

Sindy, UK

“Decided to go parasailing with my 7 year old daughter.the staff were fantastic and very nice and patient with her. We had a fantastic time. ”

Anne, UK