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Day rental o Tour.
No matter what level you have

In a Kayak, a great way

to discover the coast of Ibiza!

Experience, discover and explore the coast by sailing in a traditional kayak. Alone, as a couple or with your friends. Sit down grab your oars and glide in a relaxed way through amazing places, corners only accessible by sea, caves and virgin environments.

No matter whats level you have.
We offer daily rent or guided tours with instructors.


Available options

All the options are designed so that our customers enjoy a unique experience.

Kayak Tour Experience Ibiza
Kayak Rent Ibiza All Day

What They’re Saying About Us

“Awesome experience kayaking ”

Eric, Canada

“A perfect day in Ibiza! ”

Beatriz, Spain

“Excellent kayaking and staff! ”

Giovanni, Italy

“Looking forward next summer! I'll repeat! ”

Candela, Spain