Guaranteeing the most thrilling and energy efficient underwater ride ever.


Sea Doo Seascooter RS3 is an excellent starting point for all diving and snorkeling lovers or even for those who need transportation from the boat to the beach.


The shape of Sea Doo Seascooter RS3 has been designed to be as hydrodynamic as possible. The handles are easy to grip and controls are well placed to be activated effortlessly making you be in total control.

The safety has been studied in detail. Both buttons must be pressed to turn on the propeller. The propeller is contained in a cage that has a fine texture which excludes the possibility to put your hand up to reach it while in motion. In any case you need to collect your long hair and remove any necklace or bracelet, because the protection is meant to ensure the blade the greatest amount of water possible, without compromising performance. Access to charging battery is very simple and intuitive, thanks to three pressure hinges that allow the removal of the top cap and battery charging with the charger included in the package. NB: always use RS3 original charger: it is specific for the technical characteristics of the lithium ion battery of your RS3 Sea Doo Seascooter.


The construction of the Sea Doo Seascooter RS3 permits neutral buoyancy: when released, it will remain in its position. This feature has been achieved thanks to the water that’s present between the outer shell and the inner. Neutral buoyancy can be changed as needed thanks to the weights included in the original packaging (or the buoys original Sea Doo sold separately to attach to the handles).

The water resistance is obtained thanks to a series of features such as the perfect coupling of the body parts and a series of silicone seals which do not allow water to enter even at a pressure of four atmospheres, that is 30 meters deep.

RS3 has lithium-ion battery, LED battery charge indicator, brushless electric motor and belt drive, so it is totally reliable, without toxic emissions and very quiet. You will get close to the fish in total comfort and safety, without these being bothered by the sound of your underwater Sea Doo Seascooter.

NB: help us to keep a clean world, recycle the batteries of your Sea Doo Seascooter properly. When in doubt, don’t hesistate to contact Bluedream: we’re here to suggest you the best solution!


Sea Doo Seascooter RS3 is tested and guaranteed for up to thirty meters deeper depth: withstood test up to four atmospheres of pressure.

The speed in water is variable depending on various situations (such as water density, volume transported, crosscurrents), as a standard value is defined in 5 Km / h in second gear available, this speed allows travel up to 4 km. In the first speed the original battery lasts an hour of continuous use.

The lithium-ion battery – 22.2V 4Ah – recharges in three hours and can be removed by taking off the cover with the use of the provided air pump.

* Specifications are tested in a controlled way. The speed is defined as speed of the water that leaves the pump with the product in the pool. All values are valid only for product as new and in perfect condition.



In the original package you will find your original Sea Doo Seascooter RS3 packed with polystyrene contours to ensure the total safety of the aquascooter during the transport (please keep the original packaging), battery charger,

the silicone grease for the seals, ballast weights to make negative buoyancy, air pump to remove battery chamber and

use and maintenance instructions.

You can also buy the carrying case with shoulder strap and floating weights, branded RS Sea Doo Seascooter, to make positive your aquascooter.

CHOOSE the battery that best suits your needs!

When purchasing your RS3, change the battery with which is provided and take advantage of the autonomy that give the batteries of the two more powerful models. With RS2 battery, RS3 can last up to 100 minutes, with RS1 battery you can reach 160 minutes!



Thanks to the partnership with GoPro, all RS models are equipped with built-in GoPro support to be placed over the handlebars, so that you can resume perfectly everything that happens.

GoPro accessory holder is affordable and can be installed on all previous years RS.

Buy a GoPro camera with your new RS3 Sea Doo Seascooter and save on total cost of the two items!


  • Maximum depth: 30 meters
  • Power supply: Lithium battery
  • Battery voltage: 22.2 V
  • Battery strength: 4 Ah
  • Range at first speed: 60 minutes
  • Battery pod: with waterproof vent plug
  • Dimensions: 61x30x32 cm
  • Weight: 8,6 kg
  • Power: 220 watts
  • Maximum speed: 5 km/h
  • Gears/speed: 2
  • Buoyancy : neutral
  • Floating chamber: autofill
  • Handle: Ergonomic
  • Automatic shutdown: if released a trigger
  • Indicator of battery charge LED
  • Circuit pond
  • Warning signal for water infiltration
  • Automatic shutdown


  • Charger for fast charging 220V
  • Li-ion battery 22.2V / 4Ah – rechargeable
  • User guide in English
  • Blower to remove battery cover
  • O-ring for retention battery cover (refer to the user guide)
  • Silicone gel to use O-rings and seals
  • Ballast weight
  • Deflectors
  • GoPro mounting kit