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Warm tropical temperatures, great sandy beaches, abundance of sea life and great visibility make water activities all the most memorable and enjoyable for this unique watercraft. Thanks to one of our most demanded aquatic toys.

The SeaBob is the latest and greatest technology serving as your own underwater personnel. It’s an advanced eco-friendly water propelled by a free pollution E-jet power system and designed for speed and pleasure. Depending on the water conditions, speed ‘over’ water can be up to 15 km / h and ‘under’ water up to 11 km / h. Steering and diving is easy, just shift your bodyweight to the desired direction.

You can dive up to 40 meters with the SeaBob, but depth is regulated for safety reasons to a maximum of 2.5 meters. So it’s safe and kid friendly for ages 16 and up and can be enjoyed alone, with family or friends. It’s a cool way to explore the clear waters of Curaçao feeling like Dolphin cutting smoothly and silently through the water.

Our professional guides will take you on a thrilling adventure while visiting the most beautiful spots here on the island of Ibiza. You’re in for the experience of a lifetime!

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Additional Information about the Seabob

What is a Seabob?

The Seabob is a German-manufactured nautical vehicle designed to offer you a great level of agility under water through its hydrodynamic shape. Steering and diving could not be easier – all it requires is for the pilot to shift their body weight. Its special degree of dynamism in the water, results from the high performance of the craft coupled with the low power-to-weight ratio.

How does the Seabob work?

Before handling the device, a trained instructor of our team TAKEOFFIBIZA will brief you on the basics. A green button on the right of the cockpit is used to increase power, a red button on the left to decrease it, and a trigger on the right handle to activate the propulsion system. If the machine exceeds a depth of 2.5 meters, the propulsion system will automatically lock the device and the Seabob will rise to the surface within seconds.

The Seabob can be used to explore the surface of the sea and beneath it.

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