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After having the Onewheel XR for about 4 weeks in our office, it is time for the Onewheel review.

The Oneweheel is a unique electric board. It does not only look very different compared to other electric skateboards, it is a unique riding experience as well. It is actually not so hard to ride the Onewheel as you may think. You can probably ride it after 5 minutes or less.

Onewheel review

but what if suddenly something happens? A dog, kid, old man crossing the road. You can brake the Onewheel XR very well by leaning back, similar to other electric skateboards with a remote control. It is braking actually better than other electric skateboards with in-wheel motors.

The challenge however is to jump off the board. With a skateboard you can jump off the board with one feet. This is difficult with the Onewheel, because if you do this, the Onewheel XR will either accelerate or make a nosedive. Both can lead to a bad crash.

Onewheel rider on grass

We love the Onewheel XR. It is definitely a fun ride.

Usted should be careful about a nosedive at higher speeds. If you reach the speed limit of the motor, the Onewheel will pull you back. That’s not a problem, but you should not force the Onewheel to get faster by putting more weight on the front leg. You may overload the motor and it will turn of. Such a nosedive is no fun.

Onewheel+ review by Takeoff Ibiza

We found 20 – 25 km/h (12 – 16 mph) as the right cruising speed for the Onewheel+, but you can reach 30 km/h (19 mph) or more. The record in a Onewheel app is currently 42 km/h, but you can achieve this only downhill.

The Carving is again more difficult compared to other skateboards, but with a little bit practise it works. In fact after a carving ride on the Onewheel you will ride your other electric longboard much more aggressive. Good practise in 2 ways.

You can ride the Onewheel XR in almost every terrain. On the beach, in the woods and even in a dirt park for mountain or BMX bikes. It is actually more fun and also the idea of the Onewheel+. Enjoy the freedom!

The range of the Onewheel+ is 10 km (6.2 miles) , but it is re-charged in just 20 minutes. We recommend a portable charger unit if you want to ride multiple times if you are out.

The maximum rider weight is 125 kg or 275 lbs and Future Motion does not recommend downhill rides with more than 15% grade.

– Summary

The Onewheel XR is a great electric board. It is fun, it is freedom and the ultimative ride.

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