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LEIFTECH Skate board


Electric SkateBoard

Open your snowboarding season up to 365 days per year – no matter where you live.

Additional information

Complete Snowboard Experience
Shred your city just like a snowboard – slide, spin and even jump with comfort and confidence.

Top Speed 23mph
Shred through your city and even climb hills at speeds up to 23mph (37 kmh).

Fast Swap Batteries
Shred the endless slope with batteries that swap in less than 30 seconds to extend your ride for miles. 10 mile or 15 mile Range
Choose from the 10-mile range LT2X battery or the 15-mile range LT3X battery.

TSA Airline Approved
Both LT2X and LT3X batteries are approved for international airline carry-on.Ç

Water Resistance
LEIF electronics are located on the top of the deck, making the most water-resistant design on the market.

In the Box


Eco Green, Electric Orange, Sky Blue


LT2X (10 miles), LT3X (15 miles)


82cm, 87cm, 77cm