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The Onewheel XR is a big gain this year is range. Future Motion has reworked the battery architecture to double the distance this rideable can travel on a single charge. Instead of a modest 6-8 miles, the new version can travel between 12-18 miles.

It’s a nice bump that puts it in genuine “commuter vehicle” territory, and should make it easier to pull off round trips without requiring the rider to bring the charger along. The company says the new board will be a bit more powerful, too.

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Comes with ultra-charger
“Hypercore Brushless Motor” motor 750W, max peak 2kW: + powerful, + flexible, + silent
Max speed: 30 km / h
Autonomy: 19-29 km
Charging time: 110 minutes
Weight: 11,500 kg
Dimensions: 23 x 29.2 x 72.9 (cm)
Max load: 130 kg
Battery: NMC
Self-stabilizing system, balance without effort.
New raised pads for riding with optimal comfort.
Wide sensor area for better control.
Intelligent LED lighting at the front and back. They are reversed according to the direction of movement.
“Regenerative Braking”, the battery recharges downhill!
Bluetooth connection: with the Onewheel mobile app. Navigation settings, choice of usage mode and lighting control …


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