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Aquaglide Platinum I-Log Water Trampoline Attachment 2015 – Aye, matey, are ye ready to walk the plank? Live out your wildest high sea adventures with the Aquaglide i-Log!

Dimensions: L 3m x W 0,5m x H 0,5m

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Product Description
The i-Log is a ten foot long aquatic log, built with commercial grade fabric reinforced with PVC materials and RF welded for high quality and outstanding durability, that adds an irresistible balancing act feature to your aquapark! Can you make it all the way out to the end without slipping and then walk back? Spend fun-filled hours practicing with your friends, the young and the old, everybody loves the i-Log! The i-Log attaches to most other Platinum items using Interloc system. Fabric materials are specially treated for high resistance to the suns damaging rays so this great aquapark feature will last summer after summer, still looking as new as it did the first time you inflated it!.


20 kg