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The Jefsurf is a modern hi-tech equipment that traces its way in the form of a surfboard with carbon fiber or Kevlar material. Its attractiveness derives in that each board has a jet propulsion engine, that is, it works like a hydrojet that drives the aquatic accessory until it reaches 60 km / h.
The technology is called “aerospace” added to another “Formula 1” technology, it is one of the best combinations. There’s more to know, get comfortable and take a look:

Jetsurf in power

E Jefsurf can reach up to 60 kilometers per hour. With the engine you have, you create a strong power to face immense waves. Many aquatic sports experts consider this to be the future of surfing: large waves, partly because the boards are heavy (15/17 kg)

Jefsurf ready to compete

With this equipment. Practicality, power and lots of fun began to make a difference in the championships around the world. The races with tracks mounted in the water, where the limitation is by buoys are a source of impressive emotion.

Jefsurf is fun

The advantage of Jefsurf boards is that whoever gets it will find fun wherever he goes, of course with the presence of water. It does not matter if the water is salty, sweet, with waves or without waves, to be able to enjoy this aquatic accessory, only the killa must not touch bottom in order to start the engines and start the fun in the different scenarios … it is obvious, that the most common are the coasts and the waves of several meters, however there are no restrictions for the tastes.

Very practical jefsurf

This board is easy to transport Jefsurf, she brings a case that is a special bag to hang on the back, as well as in the car, by boat, helicopter, take it by plane, or simply put it in the place that is more comfortable.

This aquatic board was created with aerospace technology by a former Formula 1 engineer who designed (in his free time within the circuit), engines for race cars, model aircraft for companies such as BMW, 3W, KTM. The European engineer Martin Sula is a motor racing fan and I create these machines to offer people some fun, power and practicality all about water.

Jefsurf and its creation

This aquatic equipment was designed with the intention of expanding the limits of sports on water, using the existing electronic engineering technology in formula 1 and Moto GP, being included in the Jefsurf a new format of piloting in the water.

Jefsurf material

The Jefsurf equipment is created in carbon fiber with the highest standards of production technology, the best materials and compounds currently made in the European Union.

All the equipment was designed with extreme monitoring to minimize the environmental impact, using the most advanced technology, where the engineering carried its total weight only 15 kg. The Jefsurf also uses an internal combustion engine, which applies ecologically sustainable technology, which is called (green technology) moderating completely the emission limits established for motor boats.

And you dare to try it? Get informed

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